Auditing the Food and Beverage Operation
An Operational Audit Approach
Volumes I & II
Hans Steiniger, Certified Public Accountant, Certified Internal Auditor
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Hans Steiniger, Certified Public Accountant, Certified Internal Auditor
Written by: Hans L. Steiniger
Certified Public Accountant,
Certified Internal Auditor
Publisher: PublishAmerica
Volume I: ISBN 1-4241-6769-8
Volume II: IBSN 1-6047-4338-7

F&B Auditing Textbook At a Glance:

Volume I: Audit Workpapers, Planning the Audit.
Auditing Topics Covered: Cash, Accounts Receivable, Capital Expenditures, Purchasing and Receiving, Accounts Payable and Manual Checks, Food Warehouse (Stores), Bar Operations, Sales, Inventories.
Volume II:
Auditing Topics Covered: Menu Costing, Kitchen Operations, Payroll, Human Resources, Information Technology and Risk Management.
Writing the Internal Audit Report.
Appendices include sample of Discussion Points Worksheet, Internal Audit Report, Audit Program, and Internal Control Questionnaire.



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Aimee Stone walked into the office of The Great American Restaurant Company’s (GARC) Director of Internal Audit. She looked up at the Director and greeted him, “Good morning, Dave.”
“Good morning, Aimee.” Dave replied. “I have a new assignment for you. Jenny’s Café’s management is concerned about the Jenny’s Café’s Denver restaurant. Revenues have increased 10% over last year through June, but profits have dropped from 18% of revenues to 6% of revenues. Jenny’s Café, Inc. has 75 stores scattered throughout the United States, located in most major cities and many smaller ones. It’s been four years since Denver has been audited so they are about due for another one. Talk to Scott Thompson, Jenny’s VP of Operations for the Western Region about his specific concerns.”



So begins the In Practice section of Chapter 2 of Hans Steiniger’s book, Auditing the Food and Beverage Operation, An Operational Audit Approach. In his unique book, Hans Steiniger illustrates a few of the concepts to be learned in each chapter in the In Practice section of his book, thus providing real life examples of the situations an auditor faces in conducting an audit of the Food and Beverage operation.

While there are many books on the market describing internal controls in the Hotel industry that include one or two chapters on the hotel’s restaurant, this is the only work dedicated entirely to the Food and Beverage operation. In a style that is easy to understand, Hans Steiniger presents audit techniques that ensure the auditor spends his time on the areas that are most likely to uncover exceptions that are meaningful to management and help it maximize revenues and reduce costs, thereby increasing profitability in the restaurant.

The book discusses planning the audit to ensure optimal efficiency upon arrival at the field location, the internal controls that should be in place and how to audit them, and writing an effective internal audit report. Hans Steiniger draws on his 29 years experience in the Food and Beverage industry to provide practical advice to the reader that provides him with the tools to uncover inefficiencies in the operation and deviations from internal control principles. Documenting his findings in an effective Internal Audit Report makes the auditor feel that he has made a meaningful contribution to the Company!

Throughout the book, Hans Steiniger provides forms and audit workpapers that illustrate the concepts discussed in each chapter. Concluding each chapter, the Discussion Questions and Case Studies section gives the reader an opportunity to practice what he learned.

This book is intended for students and new auditors in the Food and Beverage industry who have some auditing experience but not in this particular industry. It can also be used by Food and Beverage operators and Controllers who need to know the types of controls that are required in the operation and how to ensure the controls are operating effectively.

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